The |KOF| Memorial Site

April 2015 – After an incredible run The Killer Old Farts is no longer an active clan.

November 2015 – This site is dedicated to the memory of BigDMan aka Don Prater. July 16, 2004, May he rest in peace.

Additionally this site is dedicated to the memory of great online friends, many that became real life friends and of great, fun, fair online gaming with a great bunch of people.

As the old clan website was no longer compatible with the latest web hosting servers and was vulnerable to hacking it was necessary to create a new site for this memorial to the clan. I plan to maintain the site for two years (till 12/2017) with the remaining funds previous donated by our members. This will exhaust the remaining funds. I am also still maintaining the Ventrilo server ( so that old friends can get together. Please think about jumping on Ventrilo and you may find Pain, Tibby, Runs and few others who still use it while gaming.

I am going to post some content from the old clan site including articles, banners, pictures etc…

Additionally you will find the forums are here as well. These are the forums from the old clan site. The areas that were publically accessible still are. I have turned off registration but if you had an account on the old clan site it will work here with the same password and will grant you access to the areas you had access to on the old site. If you do not remember your password but still have access to the email address you used when registering then you can reset it. Failing that you may contact me to discuss resetting it. I will only reset passwords for former clan members in good standing.

I miss gaming with all of you but unfortunately there is no time in my life currently to play. Maybe someday this will change. Please enjoy using this site to reminisce about the “old days” with the “old farts”. Please check back for additional content over the next few weeks. After that it will be static except for the forums.

Long live the memory of |KOF| and BigDMan.

Warm Regards,

|KOF| tHeEnd